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  • Bali, Indonesia
    Unveil the Islands Secret Exoticism Standing on the slope of Bukit Jimbaran, Denbukit Residence and Suites is the Eyes of Paradise. Soothing and tranquil ambience of Our Amazing Suites and Residence will indulge your senses. The serene hideaway is just several minutes drive from the airport. Guests will also be able to view the Mount Batukara, Mount Agung and even the peak of Mount Rinjani will also be visible as well. Two units of two-storied elegant buildings standing on some 3,000 sq/mtr will cater your need to unwind away from hustles and bustles. As pivot point, our premises ease you to reach some intriguing favorite attractions such as sublime Balinese cultural performance, passionate shopping oasis, night-life entertainment , challenging , adventure and exquisite treatment for rejuvenation. Our modern architecture filled with local materials in fusion with minimalist tropical garden yields an elegant and peaceful hideaway. It has carefully designed by harnessing the endowment of nature enriched with modern and western luxury. These comfortable rooms equipped lavish interior, furniture and fine facilities will assure your comfort. In short, the advantage of our serene premises backed by experienced and friendly staff will make your stay with us memorable. Whats more, from here you can easily explore the exoticism of Bali, a piece of heaven on earth. An excursion to some attractions nearby will take you closer to nature and culture of Bali.
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    6 Days / 5 Nights In A Deluxe Room
    Includes Airport Transfer to Hotel
  • 7 Days / 6 Nights In A Deluxe Room
    Includes Airport Transfer to Hotel
  • 8 Days / 7 Nights In A Deluxe Room
    Includes Airport Transfer to Hotel